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Hello friends,

My name is Francisco Perez, owner of Amherst House of Pizza. I have been in the pizza business for 22 years. In 1991 I relocated to Amherst, Massachusetts. It was then when I got my first lesson in how to make excellent pizza from a great man, the late Bruno Matarazzo, owner of a local Italian pizza business at the time. Mr. Matarazzo was truly a mentor to me. He taught me techniques that I still use today, and have helped improve my recipe over the past two decades. I have worked in three different restaurants and all three serve excellent pizza. Throughout those 22 years, I slowly developed my own pizza recipe, which has been formulated  from what I have learned  in each place I have worked.

February 5, 2010, I opened my own restaurant, which I named Amherst House of Pizza, known to locals as AHOP. As the proud owner of AHOP, I'd like to thank you for your support and loyalty. My work ethics are deep rooted and strong. I work hard and strive to provide the best, high quality foods in the area. I pride myself and my business, on being the best it can be. Perfection is not always easy, but I promise that I will not stop working hard for you, my customers.



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